Awesome Animation shows The Evolution Of Nike Shoes Over The Past 43 Years

Animation production company Golden Wolf has produced a stunning video capturing Nike’s 43 years of shoe history through its diverse collection of more than 200 pairs of soccer boots and trainers.

Nike’s evolution is split into seven game-changing eras: Genesis (1971-1994), Reformation (1995-1998), Golden Years (1999-2002), Enlightenment (2003-2006), Renaissance (2007-2010), Transformation (2011-2013) and Revolution (2014).

Check out the video below:

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15 Inspiring Design Quotes To Get You Through The Day

If you work in a creative field, you probably struggle to find your inspiration from time to time. Sometimes its the simple things that kick your creative mind into gear like seeing a beautifully designed logo to a quote that just makes it seem so easy. These are 15 design quotes from legends throughout history that might hit the spot of you. Continue reading


Design Elements

Many people see good design as just something that is pretty to look at but designers know that good design follows certain principles and how they work together.  Toronto-based art director and motion designer Matt Greenwood illustrates this in a series of fluent animations which walks you through 24 of the most important visual design principles, ranging from rhythm to texture to color. It won’t teach you everything you need to know to be a designer, but it’s a good start.
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Designer Dirty Talk ;)

Creatives Eric Thomas and Joshua Pittman from Tallahassee-based advertising agency Bright Red TBWA have created a humorous site that imagines the things designers would say if they talked dirty. Called ‘Designer Dirty Talk’, the site generates racy lines, like “Baby, let me command + Z and do you over again and again” and “I Want to See You In 0% Opacity”, that only designers will use and actually find sexy/funny.

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The State of Graphic Design – Infographic

Smartpress.com conducted a survey to aggregate the opinion of dozens of the best and most-talented graphic designers in the industry. The results were turned into a success factors/guide document in form of an infographic. This infographic reveals what the graphic design pros place emphasis and importance on. Whether you’re starting out in the field of design or you’re a seasoned art director you will find the information useful.
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Badass Illustrations Of Popular Childhood Characters

Sylvain Sarrailh’s ‘Badass’ series has given us all a unique interpretation of our favourite childhood characters. The French illustrator gives his work a darker, more adult mannered style.

We see Alice experiencing wonderland through the influence of drugs, A Winnie the Pooh you might not want to cuddle with, As well as bank robbing Huey, Dewey & Louie.

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History Of Iconic Film Characters Summed Up In An Animated Short

Pier Paolo’s latest project, ‘Cinematics’ is a short animated film that takes you on a delightful journey through the history of iconic films.

These cute little egg-shaped characters will have you smiling as you recognise famous movie characters like Darth Vader of Star Wars, who seamlessly transitions into Indiana Jones, who then transforms into Freddy and Jason.
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