What is VR and what does it mean for the future?


So what is virtual reality (VR)?
First things first, you’re going to need to know what VR actually is. Yes, as the name suggests, It’s an experience of a world that doesn’t actually exist. This virtual reality is created by a computer that allows you to view and interact with a 3D world through a display (mounted on your head) and some form of input tracking (head movement, eye tracking etc).

The display is split between your eyes, creating a stereoscopic 3D effect with a similar effect for audio, and these all come together to create a believable experience, allowing you to explore the virtual world being generated by the computer. VR will make you feel like you are there mentally and physically. You turn your head and the world turns with you so the illusion created by whatever world you are in is never lost.

36 Days of Typographic Bliss


Once a year, there is a magical gathering of visual extravagance. Thousands of designers, artists,animators, photographers and well anyone with a knack for the gorgeous alphabet from all over the world contribute to one project. 36 Days of Type was started Spanish graphic designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoeche. I don’t think even they thought it might eventually spiral into a collaborative supply of typography inspiration from some of the most creative designers out there.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Rotoscoped Music Video – 1200 paintings


Ralf Hildenbeutel’s new music video for ‘Disco’ is created by nothing more than 1200 hand painted frames. These gorgeous watercolor images are drawn/painted over live video of two dancers, Althea Corlett and Simone Schmidt. This process is known as rotoscoping, remove the video underneath and you’re left with animation as smooth as the dancer’s movement.

The technique varies from frame to frame but the overall quality is still breathtaking.
Disco was animated by Boris, Mina, and Mihwa Seewald, and filmed by Georg Simbeni.

Nobody Tells This To Beginners


18 Yeal-old Saar Oz  created this wonderfully animated piece to remind young designers who are just starting out in a creative field that it’s easy to become frustrated (and even give up) when you experience “the gap” between your skills and your tastes, but the important thing is to never give up. I know it ignited a spark inside me when I first watched it. Maybe it will do the same for you.

2015 Guide to Social Media Image Sizes


In recent times the need to have a strong social media presence for your brand/personal profile is pretty much a basic requirement. Engaging with customers/clients and friends online has never been easier or more interactive. The last thing you need is your message (In most cases, a striking image) to be obscure, have cropped out missing details or contain poor resolution images. It’s just just an eyesore, I immediately scroll pass these repulsive social media posts and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Awesome Animation shows The Evolution Of Nike Shoes Over The Past 43 Years


Animation production company Golden Wolf has produced a stunning video capturing Nike’s 43 years of shoe history through its diverse collection of more than 200 pairs of soccer boots and trainers.

Nike’s evolution is split into seven game-changing eras: Genesis (1971-1994), Reformation (1995-1998), Golden Years (1999-2002), Enlightenment (2003-2006), Renaissance (2007-2010), Transformation (2011-2013) and Revolution (2014).

Check out the video below:

15 Inspiring Design Quotes To Get You Through The Day


If you work in a creative field, you probably struggle to find your inspiration from time to time. Sometimes its the simple things that kick your creative mind into gear like seeing a beautifully designed logo to a quote that just makes it seem so easy. These are 15 design quotes from legends throughout history that might hit the spot of you.

Design Elements


Many people see good design as just something that is pretty to look at but designers know that good design follows certain principles and how they work together.  Toronto-based art director and motion designer Matt Greenwood illustrates this in a series of fluent animations which walks you through 24 of the most important visual design principles, ranging from rhythm to texture to color. It won’t teach you everything you need to know to be a designer, but it’s a good start.

Designer Dirty Talk ;)


Creatives Eric Thomas and Joshua Pittman from Tallahassee-based advertising agency Bright Red TBWA have created a humorous site that imagines the things designers would say if they talked dirty. Called ‘Designer Dirty Talk’, the site generates racy lines, like “Baby, let me command + Z and do you over again and again” and “I Want to See You In 0% Opacity”, that only designers will use and actually find sexy/funny.