Life of PI Movie Review


We all love a good movie review now and then just to see if our thoughts are shared with others but when it comes to Life of Pi, I’m sure everyone who watched it had the same thought…”OMG! Richard Parker don’t eat Pi!”
And was I the only one that noticed that the tiger shared the same name as Peter Parker’s father in The Amazing Spiderman which also stared Irrfan Kahn. Well enough from me. Lets take a look at what the review says.

Life of Pi 3D poster

Life of PI Movie Review by Dayaker Padayachee
Directed by Ang Lee

I’ve always said that no 3D movie is perfect, I still stand by it, however,Life of Pi by Ang Lee actually finds so many wonderful ways of making the 3D look visually tasty that you left with your mouth’s open by the end of the film. However the story which revolves around finding out about our relationship with God has been done to death and these type of stories seem like reinventing the wheel, despite that, the movie keeps you enthralled by the visuals and it’s artistic narrative.
The pacing is sharp at first, but slows down and kind of seems almost laborious, but it picks up again when you see the dramatic scenes of Pi (the main character) and the semi CGI Tiger.Definitely worth the Nominations for Golden Globes and undeniably for the OSCARS too,but will it win?, I doubt it.

Overall, very wonderful movie experience
8 Stars out of 10


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