Moon Shine Text Effect


Just thought I’d Kick off the tutorials sections with a quick one from some of the Photoshop Tutorials at Tutorial9 . With just a few simple steps, you can add a calm, easy-going text effect — great for evening events and crisp banners.

What We’re Making

This Text Effect Quickie will show you how to easily create a soft glowing moon-like text.


Before getting started, you may want to download the font used:

Step 1 – Background

Since this text effect looks best on dark colored backgrounds, let’s create one. Using the color #0f1c25 and black, create a radial gradient from the center of your document.


Step 2 – Setting the Type

Let’s set some type in the document to use the effect on. Bolder and stronger fonts will work better!


Step 3 – Setting Up the Layer Style

Go into your text layers >Blending Options(Right Click Layer>Blending Options)

Apply the layer effects shown below, making any modifications as needed.


Outer Glow


Inner Glow


Gradient Overlay
#afd3e2 to White


And that’s it.You have an amazing effect in a few simple steps. And if you’re having any difficulties or you’re just lazy then you can just Download the Layer Style


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