Hi guys and welcome to my blog, This is my first blog so excuse me if my writing sucks…(It should get better eventually right?) Anyway my name is Edwin Nathan Noel Soobramoney, yes yes I know its rather long but hopefully you’ll remember it *wink wink. I’m 21 and fit the general stereotype of a designer(I dress weird,rock an asymmetrical haircut,hate Comic Sans with the same passion I love Helvetica and in a loving committed relationship with my iPhone).

I studied graphic design for a few years and had the chance to meet some amazing artists (Their paintings make up the featured image) but I’m now embarking on my journey into the big bad world of design alone. I’m a freelance designer because I don’t like having a boss and work best in my underwear.(Just kidding, I’m currently employed at a television broadcasting & production agency because we all know in this day and age, one job is hardly enough)

So that’s a little about me, Now lets get into what i want to achieve with this blog. Well it’s not much yet but I hope it can become a place for young and upcoming designers in South Africa to get together and just be a community which helps us all grow in this really tough industry. I like to think that the internet is a wormhole of information and it just keeps sucking up more by the minute, So I plan to fly into this wormhole with a design magnet attached to the wing of my Millennium Falcon and bring out the stuff I like and hopefully some of you will too, And yes be prepared for ton of Star Wars references and content.I mean like what is up with Disney shutting down Lucas Arts!!! Now we’ll never see another Star Wars movie.(OK sorry,I get carried away sometimes)

So be prepared to be amazed by the coolest articles, tutorials some really pretty pictures about the design/tech/geek genre,In conclusion I’d like to thank you for checking this site out, stayed tuned and may the force be with you.


18 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Heeeeeey Eddy…I’m proud to to say I know this guy:p actually met him in the flesh hehehehehe good stuff Eddy:)


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