Just how much do South African Designers earn?


The answer to that question is a difficult one, I’m sure most f you know the hierarchy of a design agency starting from your junior DTP operators all the way to the creative director.The 2012 Salary Survey review was conducted by the Department of Marketing Logistics and Sport Management at the Tshwane University of Technology on behalf of AdVantage magazine. The researchers were Thérèse du Plooy and Dion van Zyl. It details the salaries of different positions in various fields in three of the major cities in South Africa. I’ve selected a few relative categories and compiled an attractive infographic for you guys because like come on, Who wants to read a bunch of boring numbers, BLEH!

Its really interesting and can be a great advantage to young designers starting out their careers. Hopefully it gives you a general idea of which direction you need to move and where you can find it.

From a personal point of view, I think Johannesburg is a rather good location for designers in South Africa at the moment. There seems to be an endless supply of new businesses popping up and that’s great because they’re all going to need good designers to give them an awesome corporate identity. Durban is rather chilled, I prefer the fast paced life in Jozi, And well Cape Town has loads of potential because if you haven’t heard already, It’s been chosen as the design capital of the world for 2014! But I’l get into that in another article. For now, Check out the infographic below.

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image


6 thoughts on “Just how much do South African Designers earn?

    1. It’s rather impossible to get it 100% but these figures are reliable. I’ve excluded “entry level” and “middle weight” categories but I can email you the full survey if you like.


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