World Design Capital 2014 – Cape Town!


Global Spotlight on Cape Town!

Yes friends, The global design spotlight will point right here at our Rainbow Nation more specifically Cape Town next year. The news has been floating around for quite some time now  so I just though I’d share it here. I know I will definently be visiting next year and I think every South Africa designer should too. It is a prestigious award and we should make the best of it and really show the world that we’re a design force to be reckoned with. There will be lots of opportunities of designers to get in on the action. Its our right as citizens and if you’re passionate about it then no ones gonna stand in you way. You’ll find more information in the article as well as links if you wanna check it out for yourself, Enjoy.

What is World Design Capital?

The World Design Capital title is awarded bi-annually by the International Council for Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) to give global prominence to cities that use design for their social, economic and cultural development. Founded in 1957 and active in 50 countries, ICSID has awarded the World Design Capital designation three times – to Torino, Italy (2008); Seoul, South Korea (2010) and Helsinki, Finland (2012).

The World Design Capital title is awarded in advance, allowing winning cities sufficient time to plan, develop and promote a year-long programme of World Design Capital-themed events for their designated year.

Cape Town was designated World Design Capital for 2014 in October 2011.


At a small ceremony at the V&A Waterfront Clock Tower on Wednesday, 27 February 2013, Cape Town Design, the non-profit implementation company of World Design Capital 2014, officially called for public proposals for the city’s year-long programme of design-focused events.

The event was attended by board members of Cape Town Design, dignitaries from the City of Cape Town, key strategic partners, and the broader design community.

Four inspiring themes to make African creativity shine

These four themes are: 

  • African Innovation. Global Conversation
    African ideas that speak to the world.
  • Bridging the Divide
    Design that reconnects our city and reconciles our communities.
  • Today for Tomorrow
    Sustainable solutions for people and planet.
  • Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things
    Inspiring architecture, interiors, food, fashion, jewellery, craft, art and creativity.
themes_600px_600x_crop_100More information about these themes are now available on the official World Design Capital 2014 website:

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you :)

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