Less is MORE


I’m sure everyone has come across the term “Less is More” more than once. But what does that mean when it comes to design? Well the art of design is all about making the maximum impact when conveying a message with as less as possible. That simply means that you don’t need to go overboard with the design if you want to make an impact.

You only have a few seconds of the viewers attention to get your message across. You don’t want to waste those precious seconds spent noticing the 101 different colors and fonts you used. Sure when you first get into design, You want to dazzle people with the amazing purple to orange gradient on your text and what about that awesome bevel and emboss on the logo(insert sarcastic tone) but as you immerse yourself into design you start to realize the concept of “Less is More”.

Here is a few simple black and white designs I did emphasizing this point. Keep reading to discover some tips I found while searching this topic.





-Often people think that every area of white space has to be filled. This is not the case. White space is okay!

-Don’t use too many effects. This will take away from the message you are trying to give.

-Avoid using more than 3 fonts per design. This will make your design look unprofessional and busy.

-Don’t choose a font just because you think it is cool. Be sure it goes with the theme and is the right height so that it is visible.

-Avoid using too much information on business cards. If there is too much, potential customers will skip it all together. The less that is on your card or sign the more it attracts attention to your main points.

-When using graphics or pictures, make sure they look professional and only use one or two. Too many will make your design too busy.

-It’s important to have a focal point, something that draws your eye and then everything should flow out from there. You want your eyes to move to all parts of your design.

-When aligning your text, don’t feel like it has to be centered. Left or right justified looks more professional.

-Remember when choosing your colors, that different colors affect the way you feel.

-The best way to ensure that your text will be clear at a long distance is to use a high contrast color, such as White on Black. Blue on Green is more difficult to see from a distance.


3 thoughts on “Less is MORE

  1. Certainly less is more when it comes to design, with the concept “work smart and not hard” you can save loads of time from going through trial an error. Yeah, bright colours and drastic lines are eye catching but it doesn’t interest a viewer much if it’s just colours on a page. Simplicity is a white label, more often than not, white is the label. I have found that when a design piece starts to look remotely awesome, designers tend to go overboard skipping the “in betweens” and jumping to the end,I do it myself without recognition. This is a major flaw with young designers, trying to add too much to something that needs less ‘hoora’. Sometimes you can spend hours on something that just wont come right and at the end of the day you feel like it was a wasted attempt. Just go back, start from #ffffff and fill in the “in betweens”, you won’t go wrong.


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