Inspiring Google Office Design


When ever you hear that google is opening a new office, You know its big news and you’re bound to see something awesome. If you haven’t already seen what a google office looks like than you’re probably going to be blown away by their latest office located in Tel Aviv. It was completed at the end of 2012.The office is in a building with 8 floors – the Google office itself takes up 7 of those floors. The employees consist of people in sales, marketing and engineering professionals.

This office was designed by Camenzind Evolution (Not their first Google office design). I’m sure if any of us ever got to work here, We simply would not want to leave. Everything from the inspiring lighting to the cozy, thick sofas to the elaborate cafeteria (which looks like a fancy restaurant) is just simply extraordinary.

The attention to detail is phenomenal and even the flowers and other greenery look well taken care of. The sections with different rich color schemes are very nice too. This is definitely an environment any employee will thrive in, Perhaps that’s one of the reason Google does so well as a business but to me its just totally inspiring!


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