Awesome Collection Of Realistic Character Tattoos


I don’t have a tattoo but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. I think its an art form on it’s own. Tattoo artists are capable of feats many artists and designers can never accomplish, I mean like their canvas is human skin! I probably haven’t gotten a tattoo yet because of two reasons A:In my earlier years, I would have been kicked out of the house and  B: I guess I’m passionate about too many things to just choose one or two to permanently have them on my body.Anyway let’s take a look at some awesome realistic character tattoos. These were created by artist Steve Wimmer who is relatively new to the tattoo scene. He’s been working in this field since around 2006, but when you look at the accuracy of his work, he looks like he’s been doing this for decades. Check out some of his work.
Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-1 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-2 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-3 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-4 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-5 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-6 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-7 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-8 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-9 Steve-Wimmer-Realistic-Tattoos-10


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