Bite Sized Design Tips


Graphic designer and partner at design studio Base Design, Thierry Brunfaut has created 20 typographic posters that feature short-and-sweet snippets of design wisdom in exactly 100 minutes.

Dubbing them as the “Five-Minute Poster”, Brunfaut gave himself a time limit of 300 seconds to compose each one, before sending them off for public view via Base Design’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Consisting of both original text and collected quotes, the posters include a wide range of how-to tips and professional wisdom for designers, especially younger and less-experienced ones.

From who to design for (ie. “Don’t design for designers. Design for people.”) to working with teammates (i.e. “Cook once a week for your team-mates.”) and clients (i.e. “You want to work better? Learn to say no.”), this series of minimalist type-focused posters will be food for thought for countless designers.

View the rest of the posters on Base Design’s Facebook page.

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