Awesome Art Made From Garbage Shadows


In this day an age its always a good idea to find innovative ways to create art and when it involves a natural means and recycling techniques its much more interesting. I’ve come accross shadow art before but they were created with custum shapes and objects to give the desired shadow effect. Enter Tim Noble & Sue Webster , They use household trash, scrap metal and taxidermy animals to make awesome shadow art. The Shadows look so realistic and its hard to believe it was actually created from trash.  Sue wrote, “Our work is incredibly unsocial. There has to be complete darkness because you need to give the light and then take it away again.”  Have a look at some of the work art they’ve created.

Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-1 Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-2 Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-3 Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-4 Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-5 Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-6 Shadow-Art-Trash-Sculptures-7


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