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So this post is basically all about me. And no I’m not that conceited, I just figured since you guys are reading my blog and you should know more about me and my journey into the the world of design.Well it all started in my 10th year at school(I skipped pre-school) So anyway I had chosen physical science, Mathematics and the regular stuff but I needed one more subject to complete my course. I was heavily influenced by a friend to choose art and I went with it because to me, the art students at school were kinda cool. They walked around with huge art jackets,always seemed a mess and constantly working on new projects.

I had not previously been interested in art and could barely draw well at all but was keen to try my hand at it. So that year was my introduction to art and I felt like I was unlocking some dormant talent deep inside of me. I specialized in lino block printing(You can view some of my art pieces from school by clicking My Art) I really got into it the following year and picked up the joint art award with another close friend.

In my matric year I kind of discovered myself and realized that what ever career I went into, It had to involve art. I used to spend most of my lunch breaks and free time in the art room completing projects and I loved it!  We had the most awesome art teacher who was truly inspiring but strict at the same time, always pushing us to do our best.

When it came to our final art exam exam, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my project so with what ever little time I had left I managed to whip out something better. The hard work payed off when we got our results as I discovered I just achieved the highest mark for Visual Art in the country and made history in my school. I picked up a few more awards for art and that was the end of my schooling career. By now all doubt was cleared in my mind and I knew  I would be a graphic designer one day.

I chose to study at The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design because of the integrated course they offered. My first year at campus really made me realize that my accomplishments at school really didn’t count for much because the other student’s work looked like they were from another world. So that motivated me to catch up to their skill level.

My work wasn’t the best but I tried to make up for it by working extra hard and doing a little extra where I could. It payed off again at the awards ceremony when I picked up 3 awards.

The next year was a tough one for me as I was trying to discover who I was as a designer and I simply wasn’t getting it but I still managed to push out good work. I’m a quick learner and I enjoyed helping other students if they needed help because by doing that I ended up learning more.

In my final year I discovered that we were merely being taught the process and methods of design and knowing that doesn’t make you a designer, You still need to take that knowledge and apply it in your own way. But that still isn’t what a good designer is. There’s so many other factors. I spent countless hours on the internet trying to further my knowledge and apply it in my work.

I graduated with a student of the year nomination and the gold award for web design as well as the coveted platinum award for designer of the year. I honestly felt that there were designers better than me at campus but I was still blown away by the prestigious honor.

That was about 5 months ago and now I’ve found myself 600km away from home, more or less on my own trying to cut it as a designer in Johannesburg.

So that’s pretty much my story. I still don’t consider myself a good designer, there’s so much more I have to learn. At best I’m just above average but I’m still trying to make waves in the design world in any way I can, hopefully making some friends along the way. If you’d like to know more about me then stalk me on facebook or hit me up on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you

Thanks for reading.
Edwin Nathan Noel Soobramoney



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