Lunch Bag Cartoon Art: A Dad’s Art For His Children


Well with Father’s day just having passed here in South Africa, I thought I’d share some info about the guy who makes these lunch bags for his kids. He has got to be the best father in the whole world. He draws on his kids’ lunch bags during his own lunch break. That way, they can be the coolest cats in the cafeteria. What kid wouldn’t be proud to carry his or her lunch to school in a bag with an original work of art on the front?

What a great way for this father to bond with his children and teach them about creativity and art. They probably look forward to each day to see what their dad has drawn for them. He’s been at it since April 2009 and has built quite  an impressive collection, I’ve just selected some of my favorites but have a look at the rest over at Lunch Bag Art.

tumblr_m65d1jDjOE1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_m2juh6Qvqr1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_m1gtv4tWrU1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_ldpnyy2Y2u1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_l56iytIJQs1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_l6illxhnWF1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_l4cke0hgUH1qzq5yso1_500 tumblr_koudn73MwK1qzq5yso1_500 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-9 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-8 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-6 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-5 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-3 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-2 Dad-Lunch-Bag-Art-1



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