World’s Most Photorealistic Paintings Ever Created


With the digital age taking over the art scene, I find it refreshing to see traditional art now and then. I’m a big fan of paintings and there’s always artists coming up with new and unique ways of painting. But lets not forget  the classic art of painting exactly what you see. There are paintings out there that certainly have become quite famous for their mystery and their way of portraying reality in weird ways, such as Picasso for example. But it is when you look at the painted oil artwork by artist Pedro Campos that your head starts spinning in doubt and disbelief.

His art, created using just a canvas, oil paint and paint brushes, has to be the world’s most photorealistic pieces ever created. They are so lifelike that you almost can’t believe it but I did some initial research and this is real my friends. I even tried to spot any mistakes or signs that it is a painting but couldn’t find any, Maybe you will though. All i know is i would love to have a close up look at these beautiful renditions of everyday objects. Well enough from me, I’ll let you drool over these images now, Enjoy!ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-1 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-2 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-3 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-4 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-5 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-6 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-7 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-8 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-9 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-10 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-11 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-12 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-13 ultra-photorealistic-oil-paintings-14

Oh and Happy Anniversary Clare! ❤


4 thoughts on “World’s Most Photorealistic Paintings Ever Created

  1. This looks just like 3D renderings! That is brilliant! Its nice to see people that still has a passion for traditional methods of art & design, putting in the time and effort instead of rushing through a project with digital rendering methods. Well done!


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