Parallax Scrolling = Awesome


So I know I haven’t posted anything in a very long while, but I’m back behind the screen ready to bring you guys some awesome new content with a fresh blog layout. Moving along swiftly… The minute I first discovered websites with parallax scrolling, I was memorized.

I must have spent hours browsing different examples of how diverse the effects are if used the right way. The very first parallax website was by Ian Coyle for non other than the “Nike Better World” website in 2011, Its much more noticeable in today’s websites. The term is derived from parallaxis, meaning “alteration”. Nearby objects have a larger parallax than more distant objects when observed from different positions, so parallax scrolling can be used to determine distances.  This will make sense if you’ve used the interface before. Anyway having a look at these fine examples compiled by the guys at Awwwards will sum things up perfectly, Enjoy. Boy Coy


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