36 Days of Typographic Bliss


Once a year, there is a magical gathering of visual extravagance. Thousands of designers, artists,animators, photographers and well anyone with a knack for the gorgeous alphabet from all over the world contribute to one project. 36 Days of Type was started Spanish graphic designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoeche. I don’t think even they thought it might eventually spiral into a collaborative supply of typography inspiration from some of the most creative designers out there.

1470332_878881735544129_677934604493093189_nWhere does it take place? None other than the same place you post your #Selfies, #Lunch and other pointless hashtags. Yes, Instagram is lit up everyday by thousands of participants just by the awesome might of a “#”. So every day starting from the 29th of March all the way to May the 3rd, there is a designated letter assigned everyday (A-Z) followed by the numbers (1-9) and then the ” & ” as a bonus day last year because who doesn’t love an ampersand. Instagram users can join the party by using #36DaysOfType and #36DaysOfType_A then #36DaysOfType_B (You get the picture)

Each day over a thousand entries are curated by Nina and Rafa and a selected few of the most creative and aesthetic pieces are featured on the @36DaysOfType Instagram account which has over 65 000 followers. That’s a nice amount of exposure for any designer. But even participating forms a close knit community of people with a mutual appreciation for each other’s work. Last year I ended up gaining a whole bunch of followers and following a lot of talented designers based solely on the project. Till this day I still have a constant feed of design inspiration on Instagram.

So bask in the glory of some of last year’s pieces below. And then go to http://www.36daysoftype.com or follow @36daysoftype on Instagram so you can show everyone what you come up with.













View more here 36 Days of Type


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