29 Ways To Stay Creative

Need some motivation or inspiration to finish a project? Here are 29 ways to keep you going!



The State of Graphic Design – Infographic

Smartpress.com conducted a survey to aggregate the opinion of dozens of the best and most-talented graphic designers in the industry. The results were turned into a success factors/guide document in form of an infographic. This infographic reveals what the graphic design pros place emphasis and importance on. Whether you’re starting out in the field of design or you’re a seasoned art director you will find the information useful.

Badass Illustrations Of Popular Childhood Characters


Sylvain Sarrailh’s ‘Badass’ series has given us all a unique interpretation of our favourite childhood characters. The French illustrator gives his work a darker, more adult mannered style.

We see Alice experiencing wonderland through the influence of drugs, A Winnie the Pooh you might not want to cuddle with, As well as bank robbing Huey, Dewey & Louie.

History Of Iconic Film Characters Summed Up In An Animated Short


Pier Paolo’s latest project, ‘Cinematics’ is a short animated film that takes you on a delightful journey through the history of iconic films.

These cute little egg-shaped characters will have you smiling as you recognise famous movie characters like Darth Vader of Star Wars, who seamlessly transitions into Indiana Jones, who then transforms into Freddy and Jason.

Parallax Scrolling = Awesome


So I know I haven’t posted anything in a very long while, but I’m back behind the screen ready to bring you guys some awesome new content with a fresh blog layout. Moving along swiftly… The minute I first discovered websites with parallax scrolling, I was memorized.

67 Creative Pieces from The Mandela Poster Project (Part 1)


60 days ago The Mandela Poster Project was launched, The project aimed to collect exceptional posters from around the world and collate them into an online publication and travelling exhibition. I came across the Facebook page and simply had to contribute and have been following it’s progress till today.

Their initial intention was to obtain 95 submissions but have ended up with over 700 from 70 different countries. I’ve selected 67 of my favourite ones as part of my Mandela Day Contributions but you can find more info about the project as well as view all the posters on their Facebook page

Lunch Bag Cartoon Art: A Dad’s Art For His Children


Well with Father’s day just having passed here in South Africa, I thought I’d share some info about the guy who makes these lunch bags for his kids. He has got to be the best father in the whole world. He draws on his kids’ lunch bags during his own lunch break. That way, they can be the coolest cats in the cafeteria. What kid wouldn’t be proud to carry his or her lunch to school in a bag with an original work of art on the front?

World’s Most Photorealistic Paintings Ever Created


With the digital age taking over the art scene, I find it refreshing to see traditional art now and then. I’m a big fan of paintings and there’s always artists coming up with new and unique ways of painting. But lets not forget  the classic art of painting exactly what you see. There are paintings out there that certainly have become quite famous for their mystery and their way of portraying reality in weird ways, such as Picasso for example. But it is when you look at the painted oil artwork by artist Pedro Campos that your head starts spinning in doubt and disbelief.

Psychedelic Exploding Color Paintings Of Pop Culture Icons


Nicky Barkla, also known as deviantART artist *offtoseethewizard, is a 20 year old artist from Melbourne, Australia. She painted each one of these in what is becoming her recognizable and signature style of using vibrant colors to express the emotions in the faces of her portraits.