Nobody Tells This To Beginners


18 Yeal-old Saar Oz  created this wonderfully animated piece to remind young designers who are just starting out in a creative field that it’s easy to become frustrated (and even give up) when you experience “the gap” between your skills and your tastes, but the important thing is to never give up. I know it ignited a spark inside me when I first watched it. Maybe it will do the same for you.


Awesome Animation shows The Evolution Of Nike Shoes Over The Past 43 Years


Animation production company Golden Wolf has produced a stunning video capturing Nike’s 43 years of shoe history through its diverse collection of more than 200 pairs of soccer boots and trainers.

Nike’s evolution is split into seven game-changing eras: Genesis (1971-1994), Reformation (1995-1998), Golden Years (1999-2002), Enlightenment (2003-2006), Renaissance (2007-2010), Transformation (2011-2013) and Revolution (2014).

Check out the video below:

15 Inspiring Design Quotes To Get You Through The Day


If you work in a creative field, you probably struggle to find your inspiration from time to time. Sometimes its the simple things that kick your creative mind into gear like seeing a beautifully designed logo to a quote that just makes it seem so easy. These are 15 design quotes from legends throughout history that might hit the spot of you.

Parallax Scrolling = Awesome


So I know I haven’t posted anything in a very long while, but I’m back behind the screen ready to bring you guys some awesome new content with a fresh blog layout. Moving along swiftly… The minute I first discovered websites with parallax scrolling, I was memorized.

Something from Nothing: 8 Design Secrets


This an article I read a while back that really helped me out when it came to design layouts. Layout is a very important part of design and many overlook it. These simple but effective tips show you how to create good layouts with very little content. Bare in Mind that this was written in 2007 and may seem outdated but there are some really good points here .Below you will find the article by Leslie Tane or you can check out the original here.

30 Creative Examples of Typography Poster Designs


I haven’t posted anything in a few days, I’ve been really busy but I’m back with an awesome post on more typography posters. World famous graphic designer Chris Spooner says that as designers we love these posters because of the combination of design and typography to convey a message with feeling and emotion. He compiled this super cool collection. I believe in giving credit where it’s due so follow each link by clicking on the poster to see more great work by each talented designer. Hope you enjoy!

Classic Logos Re-designed With Comic Sans


Firstly let me start off with telling you how much I can not stand Comic Sans. I mean I would never take anything serious if it involves Comic Sans. There was this one time when my girlfriend changed the font on her phone to, Yes you guessed it! COMIC SANS! Anyway I made a big fuss until she changed it.

Russia-based designer Oleg Tarasov decided to take the horrendous typeface and use it to re-design famous logos. Have a look and tell me if you would still trust those brands after his makeover.

In his series ‘Not Strong Mark’, he presents classic logos in the font—to make them look like we can’t take these brands seriously…

Typography Monday – 20 Inspiring Typography Posters


So I’ve decided (Whether you like it or not :P) that Mondays shall now be know as Typography Mondays! Well at least on my blog. I mean what could inspire you more for the week ahead than some awesome typography posters that will give you the edge over the rest of your colleagues. These always put a smile on my face and I love feeling happy on a Monday, Kinda makes people wonder what is wrong with this guy!?

This great collection was compiled by Chris Spooner for his blog. And if you click on the posters it will link you right back to the artist. How cool is that?!

So anyway you should make sure to check out a new collection (Maybe more than one) at the start of every week or subscribe over there on the left  to get them sent straight to you!